Amazing new product 3D Hair…..


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We have an AMAZING new product in stock;  3D Hair. It’s a great way to eliminate the appearance of fine hair.

For men and women of all ages that want to give their hair a fuller, thicker look.  It is made up of tiny natural protein fibres that latch on to your hair.

The fibres last all day, and are rain and sweat proof.

3d Hair Before and After Pic.


Super simple to use (see video below),  just shake the fibre pot near  the areas needed, then run your fingers through your hair to shake off any excess.

Once applied the tiny microfibres will blend perfectly with your own hair, leaving your hair looking fuller, denser,  healthy and stylish,

Giving you an extra conference boost in under 1 minute.

You can add your normal styling products and fix in place with a little hair spray, or 3D Hair’s own Natural Fibre Hold Spray.

3d Hair how to use guide.

Available in 10 natural-looking shades.


3d Hair Shade Chart




A 10g pot is just £14.99 which should last around 1 or 2 Months.

The Hold Spray (165ml) is £11.99

Available in Salon, or feel free to pop in for a demo yourself.