Some Tough Hairdresser.

Picture of Team starting Tough Mudder

As the sun rose on Sunday morning, 7 brave team members of a.k.a Hairdressing awoke knowing today was going to be a day of blood sweat and tears.  The team had been fund raising for more than 2 months to support “The Little Princess Trust” an amazing charity which makes wigs for children who are under going treatment for cancer.  Having set them selves a target of £1000.00 the team set about fund raising, with raffle prizes, cake sales and the ultimate challenge for the team a half “Tough Mudder” sponsored by Jeep UK, a 5 mile obstacle race.

Having completed next to no training they met at the salon to set off for the event, arriving to see just how big a challenge this was going to be, the nerves started to kick in.  Having registered they approached the start line to the thumping music of “Eye of the Tiger”.  A quick warm up and they were off.

Picture of Bev doing Tough Mudder

The next two hours proved to be a team building fun filled challenge, negotiating mile mud runs, 3 meter walls, water obstacle and the dreaded Everest Wall to name but a few.

Picture of Rachel, Amber,Tom and Bev doing Tough Mudder

Amazingly still smiling they crossed the finish line to be greeted with a bottle of cider and the coveted head band of completion.

Picture of team finishing Tough Mudder


Having been hosed down they retired to the local pub for a well earned Sunday lunch.

With their Charity target in sight you can still donate Here.

Well done team, who have now signed up for the 12 mile event next year.  Perhaps a little more training maybe a good idea next time………