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Your Appointment Guide Updated 01/22

Update:  Please note that as of Thursday 27th January 2022, Staff and Clients are no longer required by law to wear a face covering.   In the interest of fairness the team will be able to make their own choice to wear a face covering.   We will wear a face covering upon requests.  It is recommended that clients and staff wear a face covering during shampooing.

In order for us to ensure the health and safety of every client, and all of our team the following policies have been added to our daily operations.

You are welcome to bring your own  face covering however we will not be able to take responsibility for masks getting damaged or stained (Hair Colour etc).  We can provided disposable Face Covers at a charge of £1.

Entry to the salon is via intercom. Only people with a booked appointment may enter the salon.  Please Mind the step to your left when entering.

PPE required and supplied to every employee and a constant hand washing policy will be in place.  If requested from 27/1/22  all staff will wearing face coverings, with the exception of Tess who is NOT wearing face covering on medical grounds but is wearing a face shield.

Increased levels of sanitation in effect to disinfect every station, chair and surface before and after every appointment

One adult may accompany one child for a child’s appointment.  The adult is responsible for supervising them at all times and should follow social distancing guidelines.

Upon entry of the salon, all clients are required to use our sanitation station located at the front desk.

We are pleased to say we are now offering refreshments for you to enjoy.

Thank you for booking your appointment, we look forward to welcoming you to the salon.

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